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Fee structure goes into effect in the new fiscal year starting from July 1, 2013 (last ver/ Jul 1, 2010).

Home-source Usage Fee Structure

Usage StructureFSU User Fee
X-ray Data Collection$4.25/hour
X-ray Crystal Screening$4.25/hour

Synchrotron-source Usage Fee Structure

Usage StructureFSU User Fee
Mail-in Crystallography$250/mail-in
In-person/Remote Data Collection$112.75/h

Protein Crystal Screening Fee Structure

Usage StructureFSU User Fee
Protein Crystal Screening Service$125/screen
Screen Conditions: One set of 96-well screen of Hampton's CS & CS1 or PEG & Ion- or Emerlad's Wiz1 & Wiz2 or Cryo 1 & Cryo2 at room temperature.

After providing the services free of charge since its inception (1994), XRF Director has been asked to come up with ideas to defray at least part of the cost of running the Facility. This proposal (originally proposed in August 2009 and amended in June 2010) is to address the issue and recoup only the consumable expenses. The rates will be adjusted annually or as needed to reflect the actual cost of consumables and other expenses. To encourage new users and expand the user base, exploratory use will still remain free of charge. If new equipment is acquired the annual maintenance contract charges will be added to consumables and a new rate will established.

The tables above show the current XRF User Fees for home-source, synchrotron-source usages, and protein crystal screening service. The charges for the home-usage will be billed by the hour. The bills will be sent out monthly. The synchrotron fees will be billed per use and will also be sent out monthly to the PI. Whenever, new equipment is acquired annual manitenance contract charges will be added to the consumable expenses and a new rate will be established.

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